Use SSH to connect to Docker Machine created instance

When one of my docker machine created virtual machines got changed by my cloud provider I was left in the dark. Out of a sudden docker-machine ssh no longer worked which comes at no surprise as the initially assigned IP address to me got changed.

In such a situation the SSH command line client has a way to specify the certificate to use when connecting to the VM:

ssh -i /home/john/.docker/machine/machines/T2fiware-postgres/id_rsa ubuntu@

Replace `T2fiware-postgres` with the name of your docker created machine, ubuntu with the user the certificate was issued to and obviously the IP address with the one of your VM.


Stream-Adressen für Orf-Radios und Kronehit

Mich ärgern ja diese Web-Player, die ein eigenes Plugin benötigen. Daher nach Recherche die Webcast-Adressen um Ö3 in iTunes oder (wie ich) in VLC zu hören:

Hitradio Ö3:
FM 4:
Radio Wien:
Info Radio:
Ö1 Campus:
Ö2 Radio Niederösterreich:
Ö2 Radio Steiermark:
Ö2 Radio Tirol:

Kronehit Dance: